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Buongiorno bellezze, 
oggi make up super metallico sul viola!!
Ho preso alcuni ombretti della linea disco di Wjcon ,la collezione era composta da 5 colori  io ne ho  acquistato tre. 
Oggi vi farò vedere il mio preferito 03 prugna,  prossimamente  vi farò vedere gli altri due e gli swatch.
Vi assicuro che il colore è davvero bellissimo, bagnandolo con un po’ di fix plus o della semplice acqua  l’effetto metallico  è  ancora più evidente. 
La pigmentazione è altissima ed il colore risulta pieno. 
Non vedo l’ora di vedere la collezione nuova di questo brand devo dire che i loro prodotti sono davvero validi e lanciano sempre linee interessanti.

Gli altri ombretti  sono di questa bellissima palette NUDE
L’EYELINER  promosso a pieni voti, super nero e molto economico  
vi lascio i miei social : 

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kiss kiss 
Maria Luisa
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R o s e g a l: Top Recommendations


Hello, as I said before, Rosegal is one of my favorite online stores and today I am very happy to bring my wishlist of the Rosegal Top-Recommendations products on the page, all these items have incredible discounts, and all direct links to the products They will be under the images.

    C O U P O N C O D E

Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20USD, Use code :RGN20

1. Buttoned Plain Sweatshirt: This first item is very basic but I love it, I think it is a perfect gift for my boyfriend because it combines very well with everything and black is always a success.

2. Criss Cross Midi A Line Dress: When I saw this dress for the first time on the page I loved it, I am not much of using colors in my outfits and less the green color because it is not my favorite but this particular tone is beautiful. The dress this type of form that suits any type of body, it is also very elegant and can be used without problems for the holidays that approach with the month of December.

3. Stripe Graphic Casual Pullover Sweater: The other month is my boyfriend’s birthday so I am looking for gift options for him, I chose this sweater because I like the color a lot and I feel it would fit him very well.

4. Christmas Snowman Greeting Print Removable Wall Art Stickers: I love Christmas, it is my favorite month after April (the month of my birthday), so I chose a couple of products that have to do with the era that is coming, such as these stickers that are beautiful, and can be pasted on glass or any surface.

5. Handmade LED Light Christmas Snowflake and Feather Dream Catcher: I have always wanted to have a dream catcher and if it shines better, so when I saw this do not hesitate to add it to my wish list.

6. Christmas Pattern Hanging Metal Candy Box: This is a box with Christmas motifs that can be used to store sweets but I would use it to store my accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces, or at least the ones I use more and I want to have more within reach.

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Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Black Friday Crazy Sale on – Best deals for him and her for clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, hair, home and so much more.

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Black Friday Sale 

Black Friday Sale is coming soon and since we it is the best opportunity to shop more for less, I wanted to share with you some good news on “Rosegal”.

If you`re regular on my blog, you`ll know I written about them a several times, and with a good reason. This online shop have a huge variety of clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, hair and home decor. If you are not familiar with them, Rosegal is a online store, started by a group of friends who share a deep passion for fashion, both vintage and modern. They offer both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, always trying to share their love for fashion and offer the best deals.

Rosegal Black Friday Sale offers 12%-20% off depending on amount you spend, discount collections for Black Friday and Flush Sale which is the best deal (some of the items are over 60% off, but you must be quick, because it ends in less then 24 hours)!

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Faux Fur Batwing Sleeve Open Front Cardigan

This Faux fur cardigan is -32% off and it`s perfect for fall and winter. Besides this light khaki, it`s available in black, red wine and camel brown and features faux fur collar and batwing sleeves.

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Christmas Raglan Sleeve Pullover Hoodie

If you are looking for comfy hoodie that will keep you warm and cosy this Christmas, this is the great solution. This hoodie is -59% off and it`s available in three colors, dark gray, black and light gray. Christmas print on the sleeves and the hoodie will make you feel festive and keep you warm.

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Contrast Striped Raglan Sleeve Fleece Hoodie 

Speaking of holidays and comfy clothing, I`m positive your boyfriend would love this black hoodie which is -25% off and he can choose black or gray one. Perfect for the movie night at home during the Christmas break.

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Plus Size Zippered Solid Sweetheart Collar T Shirt

Rosegal also have a nice selection of clothing for plus size girls. This casual T-Shirt is -39% off and it`s available in four different colors. Really cute and perfect for running errands, working at home or just chilling in front of the TV. Sweetheart neck and the zipper makes it look more then just a regular T-Shirt.

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Handmade LED Light Christmas Snowflake and Feather Dream Catcher – With Lights

If you are into bohemian style, you`ll love this dream catcher with lights, perfect for Christmas, but also it can be nice decor whole year around, right? Bohemian style and feathers are very trendy lately and it can be a cute, festive decor in the bedroom with it`s soft lights.

Last, but not least, Rosegal prepared a coupon code for my readers and friends:

Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20 USD – Use code: RGN20

Happy shopping!!


Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

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Cute Animals On Lolita Dresses

Cute Animals On Lolita Dresses

The Lolita Dresses are the best part of my wardrobe. The moment my mother gave them to me, they became my favourite. Lolita dresses come in multiple shades and thus, will compliment every complexion.

Moreover, these dresses appear as if they have been stitched in a fairyland. Each piece has an exquisite design and print. One of my favourites from my collection of Lolita dresses is a white colored knee length dress whose fall makes my curves look even more attractive. Covered with pink florals, the dress came at a reasonable price and belonged to the Sweet lolita collection. It was so pretty, I practically wore it every party I went for straight 3 months.

I only got over it, when I added another piece from the Classic Lolita collection. The fabric of this one was so smooth that my skin started to feel better. I got compliments from everyone I met. The grey color suited me well and the comfort level was just fantastic.

This is what happens once you get taste of these gorgeous dresses. You won’t be able to get enough of the Lolita Dresses.


From the cute and playful School Lolita collection to the animal element printed Lolita dresses, everything is designed keeping in mind what a girl looks for in a dress. The fabric will make you fall in love with your skin, the design will be so unique that there will be no chance that you see a similar one on the road, the colors will make your heart smile, and the price at which they come, will force you to take home as many as possible.

One of my friends bought a maroon colored owl print dress. Although we have been wearing leopard print jumpsuits since our school days, the Lolita dresses are a bit different.

They print every kind of animal over their frill frocks. From owls to cats you can get any species. At first I was skeptical about the animal Lolita patterns when she wore that dress, I couldn’t stop admiring her. It looked like such a masterpiece. Little owls were staring from all over the dress, giving life to the entire look. 

The designers of Lolita dresses know exactly what the consumers expect and they weave the fabric accordingly. Their imagination knows no bounds and that is depicted so vividly in the Lolita costumes.


The pink dresses give a doll- like look, and the Lolita skirts are symbols of glamor. They are short and sweet but classy from every angle and curve.

The manufacturer of Lolita dresses have learnt the art of impressing customers with their exclusive collections. The designs over the skirt are also extremely unique. From frills to plain sleek skirts, they bring a lot of style to the wearer. There are n number of options to choose from. From A line skirts to bell shaped skirts- Lolita dresses offer a wide range of choices.


Moreover the online purchase is quite convenient to make. The Lolita dresses are easily available at their online store, and the processing is easy to understand as well.

Since the online store is in a direct relationship with the manufacturers, they have discounts all around the year. And discounts are what most of us look for. Isn’t it? To have pretty dresses in pocket friendly budget is a dream come true.

Also, the dealers of Lolita dresses believe in being communicative. They are always available online to answer your queries. They even try to understand your demands and suggest you the appropriate dresses accordingly. Thus, shopping Lolitta dresses becomes easy and fun.

However, there might be some issues that may arise in this process. Once I got a smaller size Lolita dress that didn’t fit me no matter how hard I tried. However, the online services of the Lolitta dealt with the issue in no time.

I placed a complaint which was answered within a week and my dress was exchanged for a larger size. Not only does the store exchange the items but if the delivered product is not upto your satisfaction level and you want to return it, the Lolita store ensures that you get the refund. All the transactions done on their online store are safe and trustworthy.


Thus, no matter what your mood is or what kind of a girl you are- Lolita dresses go with every style and persona. Pick any, from gothic style to punk dresses, they will not fail to please you.

A word about the Gothic dresses. These immensely creative piece of craft comes in muted shades like white, black, grey and red. These dresses are designed for big parties and celebrations and have gained a ton of popularity in recent years.

These charming outfits make you explore your inner self. Although the gothic collection is all about the dark shades, they also come in some playful colors. They can be both elegant and fun at the same time.

These Lolita dresses can be worn at parties as well as official functions. You just have to choose a dress that reflects your inner self, and the Lolita Gothic collection will definitely make heads turn your way.


Since every girl’s desire is to look pretty and receive a token of love from everyone, the Lolita dresses offer a wide range of collection from skirts to blouses to fulfil the same. These come in all shapes and sizes. 

Moreover, the explicit designs and varieties make it popular among girls from all over the world. From school going girls to office going women, everyone can benefit from Lolita collection because they understand the needs of girls from all age groups. The designs are cute and playful and classy at the same time. 


I have added at least four dresses from each Lolita collection to my wardrobe. Four of the animal prints too. Moreover, everytime I wear one of Lolita’s dresses, I get hundreds of compliments and tons of love.

I wear it when I am happy, I wear it when I am sad. These dresses tend to go with and my moods and I can’t seem to get enough. I hope you too add one of these dresses in your collection.

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Vestiti da cerimonia, Zapaka

Buongiorno a tutti,

oggi vi farò vedere alcuni capi e accessori scelti sul sito zapaka, il sito non è italiano ma spediscono in tutto il mondo, il tutto dovrebbe arrivare in circa 15/25 giorni. Sul sito è presente una chat dove avrete la possibilità di chattare in diretta con un operatore e  chiedere qualsiasi tipo di informazione.

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